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This just in! Yeah! We got invited from the newly member of Dover Girls! Well, She doesn’t know yet about Dover girls or what the heck it is but She’s enjoying the good vibes from us! haha! Welcome to Dover Parkview Condominium Ms. Violy! Last monday she invited us to visit her fabulous house in Tower A and to have our lunch there! FYI! Filipino-Denish style! She definitely cooked a lot today just for us! Sabi nga nila fiesta di ba? Ms. Violy is a very good mother and a wife. She have two lovely daughters and a very loving husband from Denmark.

Photos of the girls! Just arrived from her house earlier.

The so yummy Squid! Really looks so yummy inside and out! I am never a fan of eating squid because of some how it won’t digest easily in my tummy. So I never tasted it earlier but surely it was very yummy coz the rest of the girls finished it!

Meat balls! Denish style! I can’t explain how yummy this meatballs are! They’re so tasty that you wanted to eat it so slowly so that you won’t finish the whole thing that fast! haha

We had this yummy Tilapia fish as well! What can I say? I love fish so much so this was the first dish I started eating earlier. haha!

Another favourite of mine is this string beans with pumpkin pinoy recipe! I just indulged and feel every bite of it. I like when it’s a little bit spicy.

Posted this earlier on my Instagram! Follow me if you have! (tauyanm)

I honestly forgot what do they call to this bread. But it’s so darn so yummy! My daughter Ashlee had 3 pieces of them! I love it because it’s got cinnamon! Love the smell! Well, Denish food got to be that so yummy I bet.

Had this photo taken while the girls were not yet at Ms. Violy’s house hahaha looks so peaceful! But not when the girls arrived and started eating, It’s like war! haha

Loving that lunch session at Ate Violy’s house! We definitely doing this again next thursday but this time we’re the one who’s going to bring the food in her house for a change! haha We had some picture-picture in her house as well after we cleaned our mess. The girls seems to enjoy her really gorgeous chandelier, and really nice furnitures haha! Will try to take a good photo of it next week. As I’m writing this blog I am still surely is full from the foods I ate earlier and as well the girls. Thanks a lot for inviting us for a lunch date Ate Violy! Thank you so much for cooking and welcoming us to your fab house! We have a happy tummy and enjoyed the yummy foods that you cooked and your company! Till next time! xx god bless!

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Hey! It’s still February! At least I can still post some of the gifts I received last February 05. As you guys knows! I didn’t had any extravaganza birthday celebration that time but just had a simple Japanese lunch with my own family and had pizza for dinner with my friends. I posted my Birthday Shopping haul. So now my Birthday Gifts! Nothings so expensive but all the gifts were from the special people and have been a part of my everyday life here in Singapore and their very close to my family that I’m with them every now and then.

A little bit of cam whoring when we arrived at home from our Japanese Lunch.

My husband and Peter looking so cozy and relax sitting on the (swimming) pool bench.

Our daughter Ashlee enjoying her Bubbles that night.

This is the view of the condominium’s big swimming pool at night! And that’s our tower! Love this photo! I didn’t expect I would get a perfect photo of our swimming pool with our tower as well! Oh! This is just the big pool! We also have Jacuzzi pool, Baby pool and Kid’s splash pool. Love the facilities here!

Louis Vuitton wallet from Ms. Kristi Stepp. So sweet!


A lucky Taka bracelet from Ms. Nelia! I really love this! Thanks for the effort buying this for me!

Vodka from Mr. President. haha

Moet Champagne from Peter Nash.

Red Wines from Mr. Fred.

Yeah! I don’t drink beer guys so… =D

Gifts that I haven’t open yet because my daughter Ashlee wants to keep it like that haha. Thanks to Donna and Lyn’s employer for this gifts though,

A photo with My husband and I.

I’m so blessed with all the good hearted people I have around here with me. I had a simple celebration but it’s all worth it if you’re celebrating it with the people that you know who truly cares for you and always be  with you at all times. There’s nothing more I could ask for. Seeing my own family and friends I love in so much happiness and in all good condition is such a huge gift for me already. Thanks for all the friends who celebrated with me and gave some effort to make me feel so special on my birthday! Thanks to everyone who greeted me on Facebook, Twitter and my blogs as well! With gifts or no Gifts, You will all still be a part of my life and having you guys here with me and knowing that every one’s happy and safe is the greatest gifts! God bless everyone! xx

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Spent Valentines Day just at home! My husband had to go to his office that day so I wasn’t expecting anything from him when he got home. Specially I told him that I don’t really need flowers, chocolates, or teddy bears just to say it’s Valentines Day. He gave and bought me the same stuff’s whenever he can. So doesn’t really need things like this in particular just to appreciate Valentines Day. I know Valentines Day had passed already but it’s still Love Month right? haha =D

The whole Valentine gifts he bought for me.

A huge bouquet of Lilly’s with roses. Very nice smell as well!

The very cute teddy bears! haha Such a kid! =D

Heart shape Ferrero Rocher. My husband always buy me this chocolate or any chocolate whenever I finished eating them. I hide them inside my closet so my daughter won’t be able to find it haha. She had her own candies and chockies as well anyway.

My daughter and I.

Solo me! haha

Of course! She must have her own photo as well haha.

As I said earlier, I wasn’t expecting from him when he got home. I was busy doing some household chores that time thinking that I’m happy just to hug and kiss my husband and be with my family on special holidays like Valentines Day. But I admit it. I was really surprised that time he arrived holding everything despite of carrying his very heavy bag-pack.His such a sweet and romantic husband. Every one’s enjoying the very nice scent of the flowers around the house. Teddy bears were in my daughter’s bedroom. Chocolates were still un-open until now. I’m still waiting for my first Ferrero Rocher box of chocolate to be finished before I open and start eating the new one’s. I can never ask anything from my husband and our daughter. Just to be with them makes me feel so complete everyday of my life. God bless everyone! xx

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I have been wearing the same clothes style or design recently with my daughter. I’ve been noticing earlier looking back to our photos before that we have a lot of look-alike clothes. When I buy clothes I never thought that I would be having the same or look-alike as my daughter’s numbers of clothes as well. So just recently people starting to comment and asked if I intentionally buying look-alike clothes or do I go somewhere or visit a store that’s got a mother  and daughter or father and son’s look-alike or almost the same clothes. Well, maybe I guess that it’s because we’re both girls I’m not getting those hardships or very complicated decisions choosing clothes, shoes or accessories for her. It’s like automatically that everything should be in pink or purple colour. That it should be something like very pretty and gorgeous when she wears it.

Wore this on my 23rd birthday last Feb.05.

Please click the link below to vote and comment on my chicblog! thanks! xx

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Shoes from New Look Singapore 313 Somerset.

Here’s our daughter Ashlee Nicole wearing her super fave flats.

Flats from Cotton On for kids at Wisma Atria.

Wore this the same outfit last Sunday when we had our karaoke and barbecue celebration. Bought My daughter’s clothes in Chinatown Singapore and bought mine in Little India Singapore. Wasn’t expected to have the same clothes because I have a lot of clothes in the closet that I can’t barely remember if i won’t clean it weekly. Most of them still have price tags! haha

Our daughter is 4years old. Now a days I find it very hard now to decide something for her since she have her on mind now what she wants to wear or what she wants to buy. So last time we’re at Wisma Atria Cotton On for kids, We’re both arguing about the shoes and necklaces that I wanted to buy for her. She wanted something that I definitely doesn’t like. But then I have to say yes to her because she’s the one who’s going to wear it and not me anyway. At least she got a good taste like me! And definitely like that she likes pink or purple as well! haha Indeed a mother and daughter thing! xx God bless!

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Had shopping the day before my birthday with my husband and our daughter Ashlee. I decided to buy some make up, floss, and face mask. I haven’t tried most of them yet but the face mask really works so good on my face, Liquid eyeliner and the Duo eyeshadow looks nice haha. I bought two shoes as well! I’m not really into make up or something so since I wanted to start learning how to do this make up thing I needed to buy some make up products that I can play and practice with. haha! I guess i gotta buy some brushes as well. I haven’t seen any tutorials on youtube teaching make up using just the simple applicator or just even using the fingers. I would be happy if you guys can send me some links on how to do it simply like that.

The things I bought that day.

Revlon photoready foundation for 29.90 sgd.

Revlon pressed powder for 16.90 sgd.

L.A Girl Pro-primer for 9.00 sgd.

Revlon liquid eyeliner for 18.90 sgd.

Silky Girl Duo eyeshadow for 9.90 sgd.

Freeman Facial Peel-off Mask in cucumber for 8.20 sgd.

Shoes From Charles and Keith. I totally forgot how much is it. Lost the receipt already. But i think it’s like 33 sgd.

Aldo ankle boots for 259 sgd. But since this shoes was on sale that time I got it only for 129.50 sgd.!!

My birthday was a blast this year! We just had our Karaoke and Barbecue recently! I like when Dover girls get so drunk haha! The whole day and night was so fun! I had the celebration with another girl Ms.Ellen Diaz! All the games and foods were fabulous! As i said earlier I haven’t tried most of the products I bought so will Give the details and review next time! Oh! and Yeah! If you guys got some tutorial just using the applicator and just using fingers on how to simply apply make up please send the links on the comment box! I would be happy watching it! It would be a great help for me! THanks everyone! xx God Bless!

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Last saturday was my 23rd birthday. February 05. Nothing very extravaganza was planned but to just go out and eat somewhere. Oh! Yeah! Had some birthday shopping as well and went to Marks and Spencer because my husband needs to buy some trousers. So that’s the first destination. After walking around and after my husband bought his trousers. Our daughter Ashlee keeps on saying that she’s hungry and she wanted to eat some chicken and rice. That time, My husband and I wanted some sushi as well. So we all decided to just go to Wisma Atria for Sake Sushi.

I can say that we actually eat in Sakae sushi most of the times. As in “MOST” of the time. The restaurant is such a family friendly so it’s very good if you’re going to eat with your kids as well. They have plenty of room as well so you can fit your little baby’s trolley if you have. If your not used to eating with chopsticks you can ask them for spoon and forks and they have for kids too! Photos above were photos from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Sakae Sushi. Cant find my photos I’ve got recently hehe.

Ashlee and I camwhoring at Marks and Spencer while my husbands inside the fitting room trying to fit his trousers. Love that we always have the same clothes. Well. pretty close hahaha =D Top&Jeans from Bangkok Thailand. Shoes from Charles and Keith SG. Bag from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Vincci. Did my hair tied up for a change haha magmukhang neat and clean naman ako sa birthday ko haha!

So yeah! I love Sakae Sushi! Always craving for miso soup and sushi’s of course! Don’t you like the belts of sushi’s going around? They all look so yummy! Imagine the luggage belt in the airport with big and huge sushi’s going around instead or luggages! haha. If you don’t want waiting for the sushi’s  you can actually order them straight. Few times already that we waited for the salmon on the belt but that time it did took so long before we can get one. It’s either the people before you getting it or they don’t put it on the belt haha I don’t really know how they work all the foods out on the belt.

The famous green tea! yumyum!

The sushi prawns?

The octopus! haha My husband tried this for the first time and he said that its a rubbery feeling when you chew it. eek!

Sushi with crab stick inside it.

The very yummy salmon!

This is my favourite as well.  Rice inside with tuna on top! yum!

Our daughter Ashlee loves this Terriyaki Chicken Don with veggie on the side.

I guess this one was Chicken tonkatsu since they don’t have pork in Sakae Sushi Malaysia? I think? hehe.

This two bars of chocolate is from the Marks and Spencer’s store. Got it by the counter haha.

Of course that night We had 4 boxes of Canadian pizza’s by the swimming pool with my friends! I never had a photo since they’ve got to go back soon at home for work. I’m so proud of my friends here. They work so hard here as a helper but still so happy doing that for their family back in the Philippines. They’re my family here in Singapore. So that’s what happened to me on my 23rd birthday! Will blog about my gifts and shopping haul as well very soon! I hope I can find time though. I’ve started going back in the gym this morning so gotta sleep a lot! God bless guys! xx =D

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So yeah! it’s my birthday yesterday! haha I’ve been to busy walking around Orchard for my birthday So, I’m really sorry for uploading this video so late haha. Anyways, I’m officially 23 years.old! woot! woot!
Made this video on my very first hour of my birthday while eating Beef steak and eggs with my husband. Just inserted some few photos so it won’t look to boring or too fast haha. Will blog my birthday activities, gifts, and shopping haul for two days.! Have a nice day all! God bless us all! xx =D
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Today my husband cooked his all time favourite food, STEAK BURGER. His been craving steak burger ever since. The last time we both can remember that he had the yummy steak burger was, When we’re in Bali, Indonesia for our Honeymoon. His been ordering steak burger all the time.  Last Friday we went to Little India where we can buy beef in a reasonable price. So he bought like loads of steak, and minced beef.

The ingredients were pretty basic:

  • thin sliced of beef steak
  • burger buns
  • lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • white onions
  • ketchup
  • butter/margarine
  • cheese
  • salt and crackled black pepper for seasoning

  1. In a frying pan put a bit of olive oil or any cooking oil will do then start frying the beef steak.
  2. While frying the beef steak, Start slicing the lettuce, tomatoes and white onions onto round cuts, Or whatever slice you desire.
  3. Your choice if you want your burger buns to be toasted. We toasted ours, and put butter and ketchup after.
  4. When the steak is cooked the way you want it, Put it on the top of one of the burger buns.
  5. Then, Put the round tomatoes and onions and lettuce as well.
  6. And don’t forget the cheese!
  7. Lastly, put the other burger buns on top of the piled ingredients. Reheat the burger if you want to before serving.

You can add mayonnaise or some other sauces or other veggies if you wanted too. You can make your version of burger and call it your own! Anyways, This is my husbands version of doing his burger steak. Doesn’t really need to follow the whole exact instructions and ingredients. Make something from leftovers and put together of what you have inside the fridge. This turns out really yummy and so satisfying for me! Will make some more of this next time! Thanks for reading guys! xx God Bless!

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Before my birthday comes this February 05, I would love to blog first the Chinese New Year Lion Dance 2012 that happened last January 28 here in Dover Parkview Condominium where I live. They did the performance in the Big pool just in front of the back entrance of Tower A. I’m sorry for being MIA and not being so consistent blogging for I’m having a problem to my blog. haha So please forgive me guys.



 All of the Condo residents woke up early just to be prepared in this Lion Dance performance. Every one had their camera’s and phone’s out so ready to take a snap shot that day. Don’t you just love those yummy and sweet mandarins? Sure is their yummy!




 My husband on the other side of the big swimming pool so he can have a nice access for the video since all of the people were going gaga around the Lion Dance. So lucky my husband thought of doing that so. So Ashamed of me. My photo above with my iPhone trying to take a photo of something haha.



 I don’t know what you call that red guy mascot but he was giving away candies around to the kids while their watching the Lion Dance. His giving away this red packets or red envelopes as well with a 4d number written in it. It’s like the lotto number in Philippines haha. In Chinese and other Asian societies, a red envelope or red packet (known as hóngbāo in Mandarin, Ang Pao in Min NanLei See (利市/利是) in Cantonese, Sae Bae Don (세뱃돈/歲拜돈) in Korean, and Lì Xì in Vietnamese) is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions.(source/credits:





 Some of the photos my husband took that day. Very colourful eh? Lion dance (simplified Chinese: 舞狮; traditional Chinese: 舞獅; pinyinwǔshī) is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture, in which performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume. The lion dance is often mistakenly referred to as dragon dance. An easy way to tell the difference is that a lion is operated by two people, while a dragon needs many people. Also, in a lion dance, the performers’ faces are covered, since they are inside the lion. In a dragon dance, the performers can be seen since the dragon is held upon poles. Basic lion dance fundamental movements can be found in most Chinese martial arts.(source/credits:





 So the Lion Dancers did a great job that day! Every one had fun watching them and had fun taking photos and videos also! Watch my youtube channel search for tauyanm1 for the Lion Dance Performance! After the Performance all the kids just started playing around the pool in the early morning. Usually no kids playing in the pool Because every one is at their school. So since it’s holiday, Why not right? Photos above were my Friend Lyn trying to a snapshot with the drums. Ashlee’s friends Lean and Sylvia! They all look so sweet! Will upload my Lion dance video here next time! God bless guys! xx =D

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Last December 2011 My family had a very nice holiday trip in Phuket Thailand as you guys knows if you’ve been reading and following my blog. The reason we had this trip was to attend the nice and lovely wedding of our very good friend Peter and Zom. So as the title goes My blog post today is all about my not so random outfits I wore last time in Phuket. I actually planned the whole outfit already but since there may be circumstances that you really need to change all the plan. It’s like the plan A failed, So there has to be a plan B. The other main reason as well why I had to plan my day to day outfit in Phuket was I only had that small luggage I had that I needed to share with my Daughter Ashlee. So that’s really the problem I guess. I can’t pack light when we travel haha!

This was my Singapore Departure- Phuket Arrival. Shoes from New look Singapore. Pants with belt from random store at BB Plaza in KL Malaysia. White top from Bugis (Singapore), And my hat that I’ve been carrying everywhere is from Bali Indonesia. My one and only Sunglasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Sorry for the messy hair though, If you have hair like mine you wouldn’t really mind to stop by in a rest room just to brush or comb it. It’s just way too long to do that. You need to put a lot of effort and work to have hair like this.

This was my outfit in my first time stepping in Pakarang beach, Memories Bar. Just wearing thongs/slippers, An Aussie dress w/c I bought in Bali Indonesia as well and been trying hard to find another one because I’ve been using this dress big time. This dress will need to rest soon. I hate that feeling when I really like a thing and of course I’ve been using it when ever I have to and ended up blaming myself for using it too much that’s why it must go to rest haha. =D

My gorgeous dress I bought the day before the Wedding Ceremony! The dress issue was a big talked with all the girl who’s with us I guess. Since we really don’t know what kind of wedding ceremony it was. So all the husbands and wives and everyone’s been talking what to wear to the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Since my clothes were all planned already, This conversation with them gave me a big time hassle and keep on worrying and thinking that the clothes I prepared for the event was too formal. So then, The day before, My husband and I had a bit of a walk at Khao lak Centre where you can buy a lot of touristy things. At the end of the day we ended up buying this gorgeous dress which is not too formal or anything just right for the occasion.

I wore this gorgeous flowy dress at the wedding reception dinner that happened the same day of the wedding ceremony! My husband thought that this dress were like a beach dress or something because we’ve been seeing this dress around Khao lak Centre as well and it’s got this funny long tail like design that goes at the back of the dress. Bought this dress in Little India here in Singapore. Don’t you just love how nice and exciting all the colours combined in this dress? I totally love it!

Simple long beach dress I wore for our lazy day in the beach! It’s a see-thru one so you can almost see my pink T-back or G-strings. I need to feel like a bit sexy since I can’t wear bikinis! haha

Another simple beach dress I wore when we went to have a whole day sight-seeing at Phang-ngaBay, James Bond Island. I can just the water with my nice and vibrant colour dress. I bought this dress in Bali Indonesia as well.

Wearing a black leggings and an animal print haltered top when we went to the famous  Fantasea Musical Theatre. I enjoyed that day! The Fantasea is a must to see when you visit Phuket.

I wore this dress in our last day in Phuket going around different towns and beaches. I bought this dress in KL Malaysia. I supposed to wear this for either the wedding ceremony or reception but since girls were not allowed to wear anything with black then I gave it a miss. haha! I wanted to posts my other outfits I wore in this trip but I’m failed to take a descent shot. I totally enjoyed The whole trip in Phuket it was a blast! Having a nice company to go with everywhere is a must thing to enjoy a vacation or holiday. God bless xx