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This was my outfit doing shopping with my dear sister the other day. I wore the simple black top with my animal print pants and just thongs!! Isn’t it very comfortable? I know that we will be walking like crazy the whole day for shopping so I managed to just wear thongs that day. Very similar scenario when I go to shopping in that place. We went shopping at Bugis Street, “The largest street-shopping location in Singapore”. We bought a lot of matching clothes and pairs of shoes! We visited the newly added floors as well that they made as air-conditioned like a simple shopping mall now. So i guess I’ll be visiting Bugis Street more often since I can shop now without feeling hot and sweaty.


This was my sister’s outfit!! She’s a barbie in her petite tiny dress!! Still a witchy witch in her bag!! We had this photo taken at Rochester Park just in front of our Condominium. Everyone use this way to go in the nearest MRT. If you know this place you would definitely be scared walking here at night because it’s so dark and the old and big houses were totally scary and haunted looking!! haha Well, some of the houses were Restaurants now which is so cool!! Will try to go around sometime to take a photo for you guys! and will try to have some photos of our shopping bags as well.. Failed to do and remember that everytime.






The pain that i feel right now

The emptiness and sorrows.

Makes me feel like a fool

Let me feel so uncool.


With all the crying and sufferings,

I am here alone with the dwellings.

Fighting for what’s still left

Acting like i’m a deaf.


Emptiness is what I am now

Help is all I need and vows!

Allow myself for goodness

Give the feeling of greatness.


Thinking where should I be?

In a bar drinking whiskey?

Or someone’s arm’s that needed me

Snuggle up! And have some rest.



Mary Jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

November 17, 2011  1:19am