So the adventure with my sister continues at Suria KLCC Petronas Tower. From our hotel which was we’re on the 25th floor, We can actually see the Petronas Tower, Thinking and wondering that We can just walk from our hotel to the Tower. So the 3rd day We did it! We walked from our hotel to the Petronas Tower though, I guess it’s not really ideal for people who wouldn’t  spend time walking around and if you don’t really know which street or way you would actually walk. So I’ve been to KL Malaysia many times already so I kinda know now and getting more and more familiar with the roads/streets and how to walk around.

So here is a photo of Suria KLCC!! They have the shopping mall inside and food court as well. You can see a lot of variety of foods and shops that very familiar to everyone so that’s very good for tourists. We had chicken rice for lunch  at the food court since we were really starving and tired from walking to get in there haha!

Outside of Suria KLCC you’ll be amazed how beautiful the view is! They have this huge fountain. I kinda call it the dancing fountain since they have a variety of small fountains as well around which you’ll think as they were dancing.

So here my sister who’s very with the Petronas Tower photo. Well, at first she’s really pissed of walking so long and dragged by me. She keeps on complaining and saying that We should’ve have ride a taxi. But then everything’s worth it after she saw this amazing view. It’s her first time in KL so maybe she needs to practiced and be patient how to walk a long way, Because that’s what tourists do everywhere.

Looking so cute! My sister and my baby Ashlee with the Petronas Tower!! woot! woot!

So yeah! FInally I have a photo! Hurray for that! My baby Ashlee NIcole really loves Petronas Tower, Since they have all the food and shopping galore she wanted, They also have this huge swimming pool.

Beside the swimming pool, They also have the huge playground! Its heaven for the kids! You’ve got the nicest view which is the Petronas Tower, A huge swimming pool and a huge playground all in one place!! Who wouldn’t want that right?.

So the adventure in KL Malaysia with my sister were fantastic! We enjoyed shopping, sightseeing, and family bonding as well. We will be moving in Malaysia next year so a lot more explorations and sightseeing will happen in the future! I’m gonna try to blog my previous visit as well in KL.

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