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So hello everyone! It’s Christmas day! I just wanted to blog about my baby Ashlee’s gifts today, W/c she thinks that’s Santa claus came over to our house last night and left some gifts for her. Above is the video of how excited and happy she was while unwrapping her gifts!

She left a piece of carrot and a cup of milk for Santa Claus to drink. Because his so thirsty on his way just to bring Ashlee’s presents!

It’s her presents!! A big box of something and a small one as well. The red circular gift is from her Tita Ellen.

Here she is with her presents! Look how happy and glad Ashlee seeing all her presents for Christmas!  She got a pink poodle! It barks, walks and sit as well! Cool! She got a barbie cellphone as well and a barbie with some jelly’s inside her skirt!

A picture of all the toys she got! Very sweet! She really like that pink poodle! hehe Thanks Santa Claus! Ashlee promise to be a very good girl everyday!


Above is the video of how excited and happy she was while unwrapping the gifts! Hope you like it guys! I just used my iPhone for this video since I’m not prepared. We thought that Ashlee would be sleeping until 8-9am but she’s not! She woke up like 7am haha too early for all of us!

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while waiting for the plane (jetstar) w/c is late haha we tried this very nice massaging machine inside the kuala lumpur malaysia airport. i guess it will do the work for 3minutes, and u have to put 1ringgit in the left hand side and it will start massaging you! very nice though, it really relax u for a bit haha

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