Will blog about what happened last Christmas! I know it’s very late already but i don’t have time that week because I’m preparing our luggages and cleaning the house as well to celebrate New Year in Phuket. Well, all my friends here in Singapore were very busy last Christmas and most of them were in Philippines. Celebrated Christmas Day with just three of us! It’s our first time actually. But I really felt the Christmas that time celebrating it with just my own family though, the more the merrier! We all know that. We had a very simple celebration. We did bought a variety of foods just for us! We know it’s much for us but for the sake of Christmas We had to pig out! There all so yummy! My husband prepared all of them.

Some sour worms! We love this!

For snack We had this Biscuits with Salmon and cream cheese!

Vegetable salads as well! Eat healthy guys! 

My husband cooked this yummy but oh! So spicy stir fried noodles with bean sprouts!

Some hams of course! Which Ashlee really likes!

We bought this big black pepper chicken as well and Shredded it so it’s much easier to eat.

The whole food we had last Christmas!! yumyum!

The foods with Ashlee. She’s looking very hungry! haha

And just to let you know guys, Ashlee received this gorgeous toys for Christmas! Thanks Santa!

Ashlee looking very cute! 

So all day of Christmas We had so much fun even though, it’s just the three of us! Will try to celebrate the holidays next year in Philippines with my family since my husband miss the fireworks on New Year’s Eve there! Hope you all had a lovely and fruitful Christmas last year! xx

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