After a relaxing day at the beach. The whole crew decided to have some sightseeing. We’re all excited because we planned to visit the famous “James Bond Island”. Even my husband as well was very excited that time because his a huge fan of James Bond! Like every night We actually watch James Bond movies before we go to bed. Well, everyone is a fan of him I guess. Everyone knows him for sure, And no doubts about that.

Here’s the crew in front of Tony lodge, Waiting for the bus! Everyone woke up early for this sightseeing. Its like an hour bus ride from the place where we all stay, To the long boat pier.

Here’s the long boat I am talking about. I’m not sure but it’s a long boat right? haha Its cool that All of us fit in one boat so everyone just had a wonderful time sitting on the boat, enjoying the beautiful view.
I forgot how long we have to ride the boat but Its pretty long I guess, Because my Baby Ashlee falls asleep on the boat. Everyone enjoyed the boat ride though, All of us were almost wet from the water! Lucky the boat have this plastic thing that you can put up to both sides so you won’t get wet. I love that I can see a lot of beautiful small islands as well on our way to James Bond Island. It’s a very refreshing feeling.

So then We arrived in the famous James Bond Island! Photos above were all the tourists visiting the island as well. That island was so busy that day! Jam-pack people or tourists everywhere!

Above photos that I really love! James Bond Island group shot! All the memories keep on coming back every time I see this photo! I should print one for our house display. hehe
Ashlee and I trying to get a lot of photos of the island! Ashlee just woke up as well not really ready for a small hiking! haha Don’t you guys love the boats! They’re so pretty! Love the colours!
A very memorable family shot for me with my lovely family with the James Bond Island at the back! Of course it’s not just us! All of the crew had their own family shots as well! All the tourists were queueing up just for the photo opportunity! I mean there’s a lot of spots as well that you can have the photo with the James Bond Island, But every one’s queueing up in this one particular place where our photo was taken. haha
This is a photo my husband took that time. The famous James Bond Island. For the locals, They actually call this island Ko tapu. Can be literally translated as “nail” or “spike” island. But then, After appearing in the 1974 James Bond movie “The man with the Golden Gun”, Ko tapu became widely referred to as James Bond Island, Especially in tourist guides, and their original names are rarely used by locals. (credits/source from Khao Phing Kan-wiki)
Next stop, The temple. I don’t really have any idea about this temple. I don’t know what’s actually the exact temple name or where was these place. But for me this temple is not different with many temples I’ve been to. It’s just that they have these very nice dark cave inside. Not as big as the Batu caves in Malaysia though.
Here’s a family photo with the Reclining Buddha. I’ve seen the huge reclining Buddha in Bangkok last time we were there and no chance we can have our family photo like this one, Maybe just the feet part of the Buddha because it is huge like that! at least we have this one haha!
Beside the Reclining Buddha, I have to sit in front of this monk. He did pray or like give me blessings and gave me this cute coloured bracelet. Not really a bracelet though, The bracelet is made with a thick thread we used to change for our notebook springs back in Philippines. I love the colours though, I gave 20baht I guess for donations. It’s my first time doing that so, I’m so happy experiencing that moment.
After the Reclining Buddha And the Monk. We have to go up these beautiful stairs for the light and dark cave. Oh! Before I forgot my Baby Ashlee loves the bat’s nest inside the cave! It’s everywhere! In the morning they go up in the dark cave.
This is the dark cave. It is literally dark but there’s enough light around to see where the steps you going. So this photo of Bronte, Ashlee and I were just the effect of somewhat camera we were using, Capturing the enough light we have in there. Lucky Us! If you guys noticed, There’s people at the back of the photo climbing up the cave! It’s a bit hard climbing up the cave though, because I had to carry Ashlee, And it is very slippery that I had to take off my thongs/slippers. That was a fun day. It’s a first time for everyone.

Before you enter the Temple, You will encounter a lot of monkeys around. So here’s a photo of my baby Ashlee feeding and being so friendly with the monkeys! They’re all so cute! I love the baby monkeys hair also! haha.
All in all every one had a great time with each other’s company. Enjoyed the family bonding with the sightseeing we had for that day. Planning for the next reunion! I’m excited already! It’s worth the holiday being so tired and lack of sleep when your around with the happy people and you can call your second family. Just the perfect holiday for us! God Bless guys! xx
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