Finally! Will be blogging about New Year 2011. I know It’s super late but I gotta be more organised in blogging about what happened to me last holidays, So forgive guys. It’s all our first time I guess Celebrating New Year in Phuket together with the whole friends! So It’s kinda exciting for me and I think for everyone as well experiencing a whole new different celebration that time.

We had the eat all you can foods in Memories Bar. So I’ve been trying my best to eat hips of them. All the foods were so delicious! Good job for the cooks and to everyone who gave so much effort cooking and serving each and everyone! I can tell it’s very yummy because everyone keeps on coming back with their empty plates and such a long queue that night as far as I can remember. Photo above Ashlee, Zom and I.

But the best And most delicious food I’ve been eating the whole night was the egg crepe pancake. I’m not sure if they really call it like that since they have a lot of variety and different ingredients, Depends what flavour or fruit you like. But if you’ve been to Thailand before I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I tried my best to eat a lot as I can since it’s eat all you can! Zom and I in the above photo.
Enjoyed the night dancing, drinking, and chit-chatting. Enjoying each other’s company. Photo above was the whole crew watching the fireworks. We had to set some fireworks earlier to celebrate the Australian New Year’s time. And of course They greeted me as well for the Philippines New year’s time. So then every one’s happy! Just waiting for Thailand’s New Year!
A very cute photo of Us that night with Zom’s brother and sister’s, The two Cathy’s and Me of course!
Hurray for the Thailand crew that night! Together with the bride and groom. Zom & Peter (sitting in the middle). Every one’s enjoying their beers!
This photo was the usual position every time We all come to Memories Bar! haha At least you guys can picture now! We always sit around in one wooden table and start our fun conversations.
The not so all of the beers they had that night haha. Those plastic cups were used for the cocktails. So everybody can just leave it somewhere and just enjoy watching the monkey show or snake show that night.

So yeah! The above photos were a boxing ring! They had this Muay Thai with this two kids actually doing it. Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport. Muay Thai is a sport combat from Thailand that uses stand up striking along with various clinching techniques. Muay Thai is referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” or as the “Science of Eight Limbs”. (credits/source: MuayThai-wikipedia).

Lovely isn’t it? They call this Sky Lanterns. Sky Lanterns also known as Kong Ming lantern are airborne paper lantern. That are best known as a tradition found in some Asian cultures. Sky Lanterns are also referred to as sky candles or fire balloons.(credits/source: Sky Lantern-wikipedia).
So after the long night waiting for New Year, The clock strikes 12midnight! And everyone were really amazed watching those beautiful Sky Lanterns and lovely fireworks! I’m so happy that I got some nice photos and nice videos as well! Watch my Thailand escapades on youtube account guys! Search tauyanm1. The night went so fast with all the happenings and of course with the nice company we all had with each other. I can say that it’s a memorable New year and so worth it holiday for me and my husband. The most important of all everyone had a great time and enjoyed the whole night! God Bless everyone! xx
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