Welcome to Phuket Thailand Fantasea! I must say that this one was really amazing! I’m so happy and grateful to experience such a nice Ultimate cultural theme park! As in it was amazing! A must see in Phuket of each and every family! Our daughter Ashlee really had a nice time watching those elephants! Thanks to Mrs. Debbie Hughes for Organising the whole trip that time! Really did a great job!

First stop was the Tiger Jungle Adventure. In our way inside we saw different animals and it was like magical how they did the whole place! We went to this all white and suddenly colourful room with different birds inside and the cute angel girl yeah, I think she’s an angel haha! A big dinosaur head scared me a lot that time since it was dark in the next room! After the dinosaur we all saw this really gorgeous white tiger lying on the floor of course with a glass so they won’t eat us and catch alive in case they’re hungry haha!

Next stop was the Palace of the Elephants Theatre. I think everyone for sure must’ve been so amazed seeing this huge Theatre that really looks like super ancient that you won’t even think how gorgeous it is inside. The whole place was breathtaking for me. I’m always wanted to see things like this and I love how this places like this makes me feel so good and amazed at the same time. When you come inside the Theatre, Everyone will be in a queue. Cellphones and cameras are not allowed inside you have to surrender them and they will give you the key or number I think for the locker where they put your things and you can get them after the show. The whole show was amazing fantastic and breathtaking! The music, songs, props, choreography, acting, sound effects, and of course the elephants who saved the day acted really good and so far the best elephant show I’ve ever seen!

Elephants above were all cute! Aren’t they? Sadly that We never tried riding them Because I was A bit scared or maybe I am much more excited to see the much awaited Show! It’s nice looking at them striking a pose to every one who wants to have a photo with them! And that’s for free! Will post a video of them walking around the place on my Youtube account!

After the amazing show of course ever one was for sure feeling hungry as we all did that night. Lucky we paid the show together with a buffet! So if you guys wants to watch the show as well be sure to have the buffet as well. The foods were all so delicious! The whole Restaurant just in front of the theatre was a blast and amazing as well! The whole interiors was so fascinating! I love the ambiance And of course I love how organise they are putting up everything from preparing the food and cooking them! If you buy the Fantasea tickets you’ll get a seat number for the theatre and a number as well for the dining table where you will be sitting. Plus, A mini bus or van will pick you up and bring you back in your hotels as well. Such a hustle free right? The whole night was amazing, I’ve been saying amazing for this whole blog I think, Because indeed at the end of the night We all have this very nice smile in our face. God Bless xx!
Visit their website: http://www.phuket-fantasea.com  or http://www.phuket-fantasea.com/index2.php
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