Our last day in Phuket Thailand with the Hughes Family, Jack and Caitlin. Debbie made this really good decision to hired a van or mini bus for all of us to check out the whole town! That day was amazing! I love seeing those places We have been to. Of course it was fun with all the nice people with us that day.

This is a photo of Ashlee and I right in front of the beach where We stayed in Phuket Thailand. I love seeing those tourists feeling so at home and relaxing, sun bathing and getting some tans!

Ice creams any one? Photos of the crew eating ice creams in our first destination and playing with Ashlee as well in the playground. I don’t know where we exactly went in this trips but this first place we’ve been to were overlooking the Phuket town. I think the place was called Khao Rang hill. A great view of Phuket town, The southern part of the island, and some of the offshore islands, can be obtained by going to the top of Khao Rang Hill, on the towns Northeast border. Photos above.

Next stop was the Chinatown. It is on the North Western side of the city around Thanon Thalang. Well, I guess every where in the world you’d be there is a place called Chinatown. I’m not that excited though, because the entire place is  the same as every Chinatown you’ve been to. Specially My family always walks around Chinatown here in Singapore. The whole crew had some small shopping around the place and I bought one hat as well and I really loved it. Tried to bargain but I’m really not good at it. haha! My husband and Spring (Debbie’s husband) walked together and when they came back Spring got this really nice fireworks he bought so cheap. Photos above.

After the small shopping at Chinatown. We all felt so hungry so the driver took Us in this very lovely place that we had our lunch just beside the beach. Ashlee enjoyed playing sand with her Aunt Caitlin. Photos above of all our seafood lunch! I can’t say it’s very delicious or what so ever. But it’s not that bad though, still love my mango salad. Their seafood’s felt not so safe for all of us. But the ambiance of the whole place was fantastic for all of us I guess. Think of eating all day just beside the beach, It’s like just 5 steps away from the water haha! At least before we leave Phuketwe had some seafood’s though.

After lunch. We went to this another over-looking place again. It was another amazing place We’ve been to. I love the whole place, The water was so peaceful and quiet. On our way home as well, The driver was too kind to just gave us sometime to take some beautiful and nice photos of the beaches around. Those photos with lots of blue umbrella’s were just perfect! They’re so tiny from where we all standing at, just beside the street but we know and see how gorgeous those beaches are!

Before we leave Phuket of course, We had to take some photos at least a couple of our bungalow where we stayed at. The place is called The Tropical Bungalow. It is a very nice place very good for all of the tourists who wants to stay just right in front of the beach, So you don’t have to walk that far just to get some tan. Just open the door of your bungalow or have something to eat in their restaurant and your right in front of the beach! And the Famous Bangla street where everything happens is just beside the corner also! I’m sure my husband knows about everything in Phuket haha! God Bless xx!
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