After all the happenings in Phuket Thailand, It’s time for all of us to part ways and go back home. It’s kinda sad thinking that we’ll surely miss the bonding and great company we all had in this trip. It’s amazing as well how we just blended as a family doing our everyday activities altogether.

We spent our last night in Bangla Street of course. We all went first in Tiger Bar just to experience hows the things happen there. I like it and love all the lightnings all around the club. I love how they made it as an open bar so you can still see what’s happening outside though, you’re enjoying the drinks and girls at the same time haha! Photos above in side the Tiger Bar. Tom’s got an instant girlfriend! Lucky! The girl looks so pretty and she’s been serving Us all the drinks the whole time we stayed in there. She’s cute actually very sexy as well!

Above photos was Spring trying to bargain or negotiate a price for the manicure set haha! His really good at it! He bought a lot of shirts as well in a very cheap price!

So time passed by We moved to Aussie bar since the Tiger Bar was not so family friendly or not a nice scenery inside if you have kids like me haha! The time goes by a lot of people getting so drunk and abusing their holiday haha! Like the photo above was the two guy really drunk in front of the Aussie Bar where we actually sitting. The drunk guy with the black shirt vomited a lot in front of us! Yeah! it was so yucky! Another guy trying to undressed in the middle of Bangla street. Lucky they have good friends together with them.
Photos above were the lovely ladies making those kinda glow in the dark bracelets. Like the wolf packs bracelet that Jason’s and the rest bought. Its handmade! I guess it will take like 20 minutes to finish a bracelet.

Since our place in Aussie Bar was so smelly because of that guy vomited in front where we actually sitting we tried to go to another place called Soi Eric or Soi Erio. That place was cute. They had those poles where a girl or everyone can dance and the crew specially Caitlin and Jack enjoyed playing that wooden game and get drunk with the tequila! I like the place also because they have this special lights that can make your things or clothes glow in the dark haha!

Before we head back to our hotel, My husband bought me this lovely roses. I’m just sad because I can’t bring them back in Singapore haha their super fresh still that time. Oh! Well, A lot of roses maybe will still come in my way haha. And some photo of Tropical Bungalow where we stayed that time. The hallway or their entrance when you reach outside Your right in front of the beach then. So everyone had their best holiday I guess! I missed all the crew and all the good bonding we all had that time! Thanks to Debbie for organising all the activities and sightseeing we had in this trip. And of course we can never experience this kind of holiday if Peter and Zom didn’t have their wedding! haha! So thanks to the newly weds Peter and Zom! Thanks to everyone as well! Till the next holiday! God bless everyone xx
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