Spent Valentines Day just at home! My husband had to go to his office that day so I wasn’t expecting anything from him when he got home. Specially I told him that I don’t really need flowers, chocolates, or teddy bears just to say it’s Valentines Day. He gave and bought me the same stuff’s whenever he can. So doesn’t really need things like this in particular just to appreciate Valentines Day. I know Valentines Day had passed already but it’s still Love Month right? haha =D

The whole Valentine gifts he bought for me.

A huge bouquet of Lilly’s with roses. Very nice smell as well!

The very cute teddy bears! haha Such a kid! =D

Heart shape Ferrero Rocher. My husband always buy me this chocolate or any chocolate whenever I finished eating them. I hide them inside my closet so my daughter won’t be able to find it haha. She had her own candies and chockies as well anyway.

My daughter and I.

Solo me! haha

Of course! She must have her own photo as well haha.

As I said earlier, I wasn’t expecting from him when he got home. I was busy doing some household chores that time thinking that I’m happy just to hug and kiss my husband and be with my family on special holidays like Valentines Day. But I admit it. I was really surprised that time he arrived holding everything despite of carrying his very heavy bag-pack.His such a sweet and romantic husband. Every one’s enjoying the very nice scent of the flowers around the house. Teddy bears were in my daughter’s bedroom. Chocolates were still un-open until now. I’m still waiting for my first Ferrero Rocher box of chocolate to be finished before I open and start eating the new one’s. I can never ask anything from my husband and our daughter. Just to be with them makes me feel so complete everyday of my life. God bless everyone! xx

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