I’m Mary Jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons. 22 years of age. Married to Mr. Jason Fitzsimmons MBA Director at U21Global Graduate School. We have one daughter her name is Ashlee Nicole. She’s four/4 years old. We are currently living in Singapore. I’m a full-time housewife/mom. I made this WordPress blog to share my life adventures to all my readers. I love to travel. I’m a shopaholic, shoe addict. I want to share to everyone all the shopping places and where you can have good finds in a good price as well! I’m a “cheapo” girl. I always go for cheap clothes, shoes and accessories! I don’t mind if it’s not a signature clothes or it’s not a famous one, As long as it’s comfortable and it suits me well then why not! Saying this things doesn’t mean I don’t own any expensive things, I do haveI but very minimal. I think like 10x first and asking friends of course before I purchase and spend a lot of money to a certain clothes,shoes or accessories that’s very expensive for me. In this blog you’ll also find me blogging about my family and friends also foods and a lot of different things that you can think of! So I hope you guys find this interesting to read and to share with your friends as well. Thanks! God Bless. xoxo