A lunch at SAKAE SUSHI!! yay!! I love sushi! by the strong influence of my dear husband i craved about it the other night so the next day we had lunch and had some yummy sushi! My sister on the other hand, is still working on how to use the chopsticks properly since We, in the Philippines doesn’t really use chopsticks. Spoon and forks puhlease!! hehe. Much yummier to eat using our hands actually with your family and friends together in one table!! yay! I know it’s sounds different to other natives to use hands for eating, but hey! that’s the way it is! haha!

So I had a date with my sissy around Orchard Road! Went to forever 21 and had some shopping!! Since we don’t have Forever 21 in Laguna I guess my sissy was excited that time. We have Forever 21 in Philippines but, It is Located In SM Megamall or somewhere else.

And did someone noticed that we have matching outfits?? hahaha actually even my daughter and my husband as well!! no photos though. Our background in this photo is the ION Orchard! it looks like the mirror mall!! but it’s perfect at night with all the lightings and tv~ish looking mall. It’s like your in a virtual world when you’re walking around Orchard Road at night. (photo below)

This was a photo a year ago when my sister visited us here in Singapore. The ION Orchard mall have that big tv~ish looking like. It’s cool!! still early that time so NO photos of the whole mall with that lightings around it. That’s about it for now! Til next post! xx