Had shopping the day before my birthday with my husband and our daughter Ashlee. I decided to buy some make up, floss, and face mask. I haven’t tried most of them yet but the face mask really works so good on my face, Liquid eyeliner and the Duo eyeshadow looks nice haha. I bought two shoes as well! I’m not really into make up or something so since I wanted to start learning how to do this make up thing I needed to buy some make up products that I can play and practice with. haha! I guess i gotta buy some brushes as well. I haven’t seen any tutorials on youtube teaching make up using just the simple applicator or just even using the fingers. I would be happy if you guys can send me some links on how to do it simply like that.

The things I bought that day.

Revlon photoready foundation for 29.90 sgd.

Revlon pressed powder for 16.90 sgd.

L.A Girl Pro-primer for 9.00 sgd.

Revlon liquid eyeliner for 18.90 sgd.

Silky Girl Duo eyeshadow for 9.90 sgd.

Freeman Facial Peel-off Mask in cucumber for 8.20 sgd.

Shoes From Charles and Keith. I totally forgot how much is it. Lost the receipt already. But i think it’s like 33 sgd.

Aldo ankle boots for 259 sgd. But since this shoes was on sale that time I got it only for 129.50 sgd.!!

My birthday was a blast this year! We just had our Karaoke and Barbecue recently! I like when Dover girls get so drunk haha! The whole day and night was so fun! I had the celebration with another girl Ms.Ellen Diaz! All the games and foods were fabulous! As i said earlier I haven’t tried most of the products I bought so will Give the details and review next time! Oh! and Yeah! If you guys got some tutorial just using the applicator and just using fingers on how to simply apply make up please send the links on the comment box! I would be happy watching it! It would be a great help for me! THanks everyone! xx God Bless!

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