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while waiting for the plane (jetstar) w/c is late haha we tried this very nice massaging machine inside the kuala lumpur malaysia airport. i guess it will do the work for 3minutes, and u have to put 1ringgit in the left hand side and it will start massaging you! very nice though, it really relax u for a bit haha

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This should be my last post for our Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with my sister 2011, Since the year is going to end soon. We will all gonna celebrate Christmas tomorrow and New Year! Isn’t it very exciting for everyone? A lot of trials and hardships has been to all of our lives this year, So be sure to reward yourself that you survive all of them before the year ends!


So back to my blog, We spent our three days holiday in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at Dorsett Regency Hotel. It is the leading hotel with a great location in the city centre. 

A photo of Dorsett Regency Hotel. Their well-appointed rooms offer a very nice views of the city. We stayed at the 25th floor last time and We can actually see the famous Petronas Tower in our window! It’s amazing!

Outside of Dorsett Regency Hotel. It’s not as fabulous as other’s but, Their service is really good! 5stars for that! Plus, They have this mini grocery just beside their lobby right before you go the elevator. They also have a fountain outside of the  hotel but I forgot to take photos both of them.
Here’s my sister with my Baby Ashlee Nicole waiting for the elevator haha!
Here’s the lobby! Looking very shiny and very nice ambience indeed! Maybe they should’ve put a sofa or couch for the guests to seat on while they’re waiting.
So We arrive early in the airport. The Jetstar queue was not even open that time so We decided to just grabbed something to eat. So We spotted this Secret Recipe Restaurant just beside the waiting area of Jetstar.
All of us had this very yummy Nasi Lemak. This dish is considered the national dish of Malaysia. Nasi Lemak contains of rice, fried chicken or chicken rendang, hard boiled eggs, small fried anchovies or dilis in filipino i think, roasted peanuts and hot sauce.
We shared this yummy Satay as well! Satay is a dish of marinated, skewered and grilled meat served with the yummy peanut sauce! Both my husband and I love Satay.  
My sister and my baby Ashlee Nicole trying to rest haha! We’re waiting for jetstar since their late again! And the weather that time was crazy heavy rain! We had this very scary flight going to KL Malaysia. We almost crashed that time I guess, Coz the pilot cannot see the runway, We had to turn around. Everyone’s screaming inside the plane! It’s crazy! Feels like a roller coaster ride! Atleast the pilot managed to make everything smooth and We landed safely. Good job for the pilot that time! Such a nice experience though, That was our first time haha!

The next day in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, We had the all day shopping galore! So supposedly We walked the whole Bukit Bintan walk. It’s crazy doing shopping when you have a four years old kid walking around with you. But luckily, My baby Ashlee Nicole is not like other kids that’s too crazy to walk with outside. Ashlee can walk the whole day as in the whole day! Tried and tested haha!

She looks so cute together with this little bambi? haha! It’s Christmas everywhere in Malaysia!

And here’s another one again! She’s my mini-me loves camwhoring! hehe.

I took this photo at Fahrenheit 88. The sleight looks oh! So real! They have deers as well! hehe

We had this chicken tonkatsu ( I guess?) as well for our lunch at Sakae Sushi! yumyum! I love Sakae Sushi so much! But my sister didn’t like the taste of it. And she hates using chopstick haha!

 A huge rabbit/bunny just outside the Sakae Sushi hehe so cute!

This Sakae Sushi advertisement outside is such a cutie! very eco-friendly with the green colour!

Had the opportunity to take photo at this shop inside the BB Plaza! Both my sister and I love this shop! They have two shops on the same floor! It was insane doing shopping at BB Plaza! Every thing is very cheap and bargain!

For dinner, We walked down to Berjaya Times Square. Another place to go shopping. It’s massive grounds boasts 13 floors of retail space offering and abundance of shopping , food and entertainment.

The spacious floors consists of 700 specialty retail stores, 65 food outlets of different varieties and many unique entertainment outlets. (source : http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/malaysia/kuala_lumpur/shopping_at_kuala_lumpur/346/malaysias_largest_shopping_mall_.php)

Snowman’s everywhere! They have this in all Times Square’s floor’s!

Another advertisement inside the shopping mall my baby Ashlee looking so cute! I never had a chance to take some videos that time so i guess this photos will fill up everything! hehe You guys may want to visit my Youtube for the other Malaysia videos of mine!