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This just in! Yeah! We got invited from the newly member of Dover Girls! Well, She doesn’t know yet about Dover girls or what the heck it is but She’s enjoying the good vibes from us! haha! Welcome to Dover Parkview Condominium Ms. Violy! Last monday she invited us to visit her fabulous house in Tower A and to have our lunch there! FYI! Filipino-Denish style! She definitely cooked a lot today just for us! Sabi nga nila fiesta di ba? Ms. Violy is a very good mother and a wife. She have two lovely daughters and a very loving husband from Denmark.

Photos of the girls! Just arrived from her house earlier.

The so yummy Squid! Really looks so yummy inside and out! I am never a fan of eating squid because of some how it won’t digest easily in my tummy. So I never tasted it earlier but surely it was very yummy coz the rest of the girls finished it!

Meat balls! Denish style! I can’t explain how yummy this meatballs are! They’re so tasty that you wanted to eat it so slowly so that you won’t finish the whole thing that fast! haha

We had this yummy Tilapia fish as well! What can I say? I love fish so much so this was the first dish I started eating earlier. haha!

Another favourite of mine is this string beans with pumpkin pinoy recipe! I just indulged and feel every bite of it. I like when it’s a little bit spicy.

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I honestly forgot what do they call to this bread. But it’s so darn so yummy! My daughter Ashlee had 3 pieces of them! I love it because it’s got cinnamon! Love the smell! Well, Denish food got to be that so yummy I bet.

Had this photo taken while the girls were not yet at Ms. Violy’s house hahaha looks so peaceful! But not when the girls arrived and started eating, It’s like war! haha

Loving that lunch session at Ate Violy’s house! We definitely doing this again next thursday but this time we’re the one who’s going to bring the food in her house for a change! haha We had some picture-picture in her house as well after we cleaned our mess. The girls seems to enjoy her really gorgeous chandelier, and really nice furnitures haha! Will try to take a good photo of it next week. As I’m writing this blog I am still surely is full from the foods I ate earlier and as well the girls. Thanks a lot for inviting us for a lunch date Ate Violy! Thank you so much for cooking and welcoming us to your fab house! We have a happy tummy and enjoyed the yummy foods that you cooked and your company! Till next time! xx god bless!

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Hey! It’s still February! At least I can still post some of the gifts I received last February 05. As you guys knows! I didn’t had any extravaganza birthday celebration that time but just had a simple Japanese lunch with my own family and had pizza for dinner with my friends. I posted my Birthday Shopping haul. So now my Birthday Gifts! Nothings so expensive but all the gifts were from the special people and have been a part of my everyday life here in Singapore and their very close to my family that I’m with them every now and then.

A little bit of cam whoring when we arrived at home from our Japanese Lunch.

My husband and Peter looking so cozy and relax sitting on the (swimming) pool bench.

Our daughter Ashlee enjoying her Bubbles that night.

This is the view of the condominium’s big swimming pool at night! And that’s our tower! Love this photo! I didn’t expect I would get a perfect photo of our swimming pool with our tower as well! Oh! This is just the big pool! We also have Jacuzzi pool, Baby pool and Kid’s splash pool. Love the facilities here!

Louis Vuitton wallet from Ms. Kristi Stepp. So sweet!


A lucky Taka bracelet from Ms. Nelia! I really love this! Thanks for the effort buying this for me!

Vodka from Mr. President. haha

Moet Champagne from Peter Nash.

Red Wines from Mr. Fred.

Yeah! I don’t drink beer guys so… =D

Gifts that I haven’t open yet because my daughter Ashlee wants to keep it like that haha. Thanks to Donna and Lyn’s employer for this gifts though,

A photo with My husband and I.

I’m so blessed with all the good hearted people I have around here with me. I had a simple celebration but it’s all worth it if you’re celebrating it with the people that you know who truly cares for you and always be  with you at all times. There’s nothing more I could ask for. Seeing my own family and friends I love in so much happiness and in all good condition is such a huge gift for me already. Thanks for all the friends who celebrated with me and gave some effort to make me feel so special on my birthday! Thanks to everyone who greeted me on Facebook, Twitter and my blogs as well! With gifts or no Gifts, You will all still be a part of my life and having you guys here with me and knowing that every one’s happy and safe is the greatest gifts! God bless everyone! xx

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Before my birthday comes this February 05, I would love to blog first the Chinese New Year Lion Dance 2012 that happened last January 28 here in Dover Parkview Condominium where I live. They did the performance in the Big pool just in front of the back entrance of Tower A. I’m sorry for being MIA and not being so consistent blogging for I’m having a problem to my blog. haha So please forgive me guys.



 All of the Condo residents woke up early just to be prepared in this Lion Dance performance. Every one had their camera’s and phone’s out so ready to take a snap shot that day. Don’t you just love those yummy and sweet mandarins? Sure is their yummy!




 My husband on the other side of the big swimming pool so he can have a nice access for the video since all of the people were going gaga around the Lion Dance. So lucky my husband thought of doing that so. So Ashamed of me. My photo above with my iPhone trying to take a photo of something haha.



 I don’t know what you call that red guy mascot but he was giving away candies around to the kids while their watching the Lion Dance. His giving away this red packets or red envelopes as well with a 4d number written in it. It’s like the lotto number in Philippines haha. In Chinese and other Asian societies, a red envelope or red packet (known as hóngbāo in Mandarin, Ang Pao in Min NanLei See (利市/利是) in Cantonese, Sae Bae Don (세뱃돈/歲拜돈) in Korean, and Lì Xì in Vietnamese) is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions.(source/credits: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_envelope).





 Some of the photos my husband took that day. Very colourful eh? Lion dance (simplified Chinese: 舞狮; traditional Chinese: 舞獅; pinyinwǔshī) is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture, in which performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume. The lion dance is often mistakenly referred to as dragon dance. An easy way to tell the difference is that a lion is operated by two people, while a dragon needs many people. Also, in a lion dance, the performers’ faces are covered, since they are inside the lion. In a dragon dance, the performers can be seen since the dragon is held upon poles. Basic lion dance fundamental movements can be found in most Chinese martial arts.(source/credits: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion_dance).





 So the Lion Dancers did a great job that day! Every one had fun watching them and had fun taking photos and videos also! Watch my youtube channel search for tauyanm1 for the Lion Dance Performance! After the Performance all the kids just started playing around the pool in the early morning. Usually no kids playing in the pool Because every one is at their school. So since it’s holiday, Why not right? Photos above were my Friend Lyn trying to a snapshot with the drums. Ashlee’s friends Lean and Sylvia! They all look so sweet! Will upload my Lion dance video here next time! God bless guys! xx =D

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Took this video during our departure from Singapore Changi Airport and Arrival at Phuket International Airport.
Do Please read my previous blogposts about our holiday in Phuket Thailand and visit my other blogs as well! God bless and xx!


The other day before my husband, Ashlee and my sister Grace went to Arab Street, We actually walked around Little India first. We took some photos of their beautiful street and did a little bit of shopping as well since it is very cheap there it’s just a lil’ bit far from our house though,


My sister and I posing beside the street! haha Isn’t it their street were decorated for some sort of reason? If you guys been there already I know for sure you’d think that there’s a festival or something that’s happening!! It’s just too nice for the tourists to see streets like this.


My sister with the statue in front of our table outside part of the restaurant. oh! Their foods are really yummy and very nice service as well!! We always eat in that restaurant whenever we are around little india. Visit there website http://www.khansama.net/default.aspx

The yummy foods we had that day!! Chicken Tikka and Naan garlic bread. Even Ashlee likes it!! My husband loves Indian food so much!! Lots of spices and super tasty, spicy foods!! So of course We had some of the Indian foods since we’re there already and tried to introduce it to my sister. She’s pretty fuzzy so We were really happy that she likes it even though she’s not into spicy foods at all!!

Chicken tikka (Hindi: मुर्ग़ टिक्का; [ˌmʊrɣ ˈʈɪkkaː]) is a chicken dish served in Indian andPakistani cuisine. It is popular in countries all over the world. It is traditionally small pieces of boneless chicken baked using skewers, in a clay-based oven called a tandoor, aftermarinating in spices and yogurt.

The word tikka means “bits, pieces”. The Punjabi version of the dish, however, is grilled over red-hot coals, and does not always contain boneless pieces.

The pieces are brushed with ghee (clarified butter) at intervals, which gives it taste, while being continuously fanned. It is typically eaten with a green coriander andtamarind chutney, served with onion rings and lemons, or used in preparing a chicken tikka masala.

A chicken tikka sizzler is a dish where chicken tikka is served on a heated plate, with onions. The dish is also known and eaten in Afghanistan, though the Afghan version (generally like Persian and Arab dishes) is less spicy compared with the Indian and Pakistani versions.                                                                                      (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_tikka )

Naan (Persian: نان, Hindi: नान, Urdu: نان, Punjabi: ਨਾਨ, Pashto: نان, Kurdish: nan) is a leavened, oven-bakedflatbread.[1] It is typical of and popular in South and Central Asia,[2][3][4] in Iran, and in South Asian restaurants abroad. Influenced by the large influx of South Asian labour, naan has also become popular inSaudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states.[5]

Originally, naan is a generic term for various flatbreads from different parts of the world.[6] In Turkic languages, such as UzbekKazakh and Uyghur, the flatbreads are known as nan. The name stems from (New) Persian, a generic word for bread. In Burmese, flatbreads are known as nan bya (နံပြား; pronounced[nàɴbjá]). (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naan )

My sister and my husband!! haha Really big plates they have in that restaurant!! hehe

My sister’s outfit that day, a dress with skulls everywhere, a cute chanel bag, a flip flops, and a white sunglasses.
My outfit!! A half shouldered top with a zebra head design? (not sure about that). A grey leggings, and a silver sandals. http://www.chictopia.com/tauyanm click the link guys please!! follow me on chictopia and fave my photos!! thanks xx.
Had to put my hair up like in this picture since it’s really hot that day for me to walk if I’m gonna let my hair down. You guys know for sure how long my hair is, and how thick it is! So I just had to do it though, It totally gave me a headache, coz it was so heavy. We had fun that day! Will blog next about Our Kuala lumpur Malaysia holiday for 3 days only!! I know that’s not enough but it’s my husband work trip actually.. God Bless!! xx
Had fun with my husband, baby Ashlee, and of course with my sister Grace walking around Arab Street the other day. Even though it’s really hot that time We still managed to have a bit of a walk in Arab Street.
Here is my sister and I with this macho guy!! haha I don’t know him actually.. hihi **wink**
 With had some hummus as well to fill our tummy up! and got level up our energy for walking.
My husband had this so yummy turkish coffee!! So yummy that we keep on coming back!!
A mosque near the restaurant where we always eat. A lot of tourists here as well.
Here’s our very cute Ashlee with some of the artistic walls (I can say?) along Haji Lane Street.
You can do a bit of a shopping as well while you’re walking around, and doing some sightseeing.
My sister’s outfit that day, A dress with skulls everywhere, a cute chanel bag, flip flops, and a white sunglasses.
My outfit!! A half shouldered top with a zebra head design? (not sure about that). A grey leggings, and a silver sandals.
http://www.chictopia.com/tauyanm   follow me on chictopia guys!! and vote for my photo!! click the link!! thanks guys!!
Had to put my hair up like in this picture since it’s really hot that day for me to walk if I’m gonna let my hair down. You guys know for sure how long my hair is, and how thick it is! So I just had to do it though, It totally gave me a headache, coz it was so heavy. We had fun that day! Will blog about the Little India next as well!! thanks for reading guys God Bless!! xx

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