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Last saturday was my 23rd birthday. February 05. Nothing very extravaganza was planned but to just go out and eat somewhere. Oh! Yeah! Had some birthday shopping as well and went to Marks and Spencer because my husband needs to buy some trousers. So that’s the first destination. After walking around and after my husband bought his trousers. Our daughter Ashlee keeps on saying that she’s hungry and she wanted to eat some chicken and rice. That time, My husband and I wanted some sushi as well. So we all decided to just go to Wisma Atria for Sake Sushi.

I can say that we actually eat in Sakae sushi most of the times. As in “MOST” of the time. The restaurant is such a family friendly so it’s very good if you’re going to eat with your kids as well. They have plenty of room as well so you can fit your little baby’s trolley if you have. If your not used to eating with chopsticks you can ask them for spoon and forks and they have for kids too! Photos above were photos from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Sakae Sushi. Cant find my photos I’ve got recently hehe.

Ashlee and I camwhoring at Marks and Spencer while my husbands inside the fitting room trying to fit his trousers. Love that we always have the same clothes. Well. pretty close hahaha =D Top&Jeans from Bangkok Thailand. Shoes from Charles and Keith SG. Bag from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Vincci. Did my hair tied up for a change haha magmukhang neat and clean naman ako sa birthday ko haha!

So yeah! I love Sakae Sushi! Always craving for miso soup and sushi’s of course! Don’t you like the belts of sushi’s going around? They all look so yummy! Imagine the luggage belt in the airport with big and huge sushi’s going around instead or luggages! haha. If you don’t want waiting for the sushi’s  you can actually order them straight. Few times already that we waited for the salmon on the belt but that time it did took so long before we can get one. It’s either the people before you getting it or they don’t put it on the belt haha I don’t really know how they work all the foods out on the belt.

The famous green tea! yumyum!

The sushi prawns?

The octopus! haha My husband tried this for the first time and he said that its a rubbery feeling when you chew it. eek!

Sushi with crab stick inside it.

The very yummy salmon!

This is my favourite as well.  Rice inside with tuna on top! yum!

Our daughter Ashlee loves this Terriyaki Chicken Don with veggie on the side.

I guess this one was Chicken tonkatsu since they don’t have pork in Sakae Sushi Malaysia? I think? hehe.

This two bars of chocolate is from the Marks and Spencer’s store. Got it by the counter haha.

Of course that night We had 4 boxes of Canadian pizza’s by the swimming pool with my friends! I never had a photo since they’ve got to go back soon at home for work. I’m so proud of my friends here. They work so hard here as a helper but still so happy doing that for their family back in the Philippines. They’re my family here in Singapore. So that’s what happened to me on my 23rd birthday! Will blog about my gifts and shopping haul as well very soon! I hope I can find time though. I’ve started going back in the gym this morning so gotta sleep a lot! God bless guys! xx =D

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It’s Sarah’s birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!! Though the title says “advance,” We actually celebrated her birthday last sunday, November 20 at Clementi Swimming Complex together with her D’ kabarkads Volleyball Team, Pathaithai Babes, and ofcourse Dover girls!! A lot friends of hers also attended the celebration but I don’t know how to name them all. They know who they are I’m sure. haha!! The party started at lunch time. We had a lot of foods that time since Sarah don’t really know how many people will come. The more the better!! Isn’t it?!? Now, Let the picture’s do the talking. =)

   This is Sarah!! The Birthday girl!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  (L-R) Jocelyn wearing the sunglasses, Ms. Nelia, Sarah, and Ms. Ellen (apology guys but I don’t really know the other girl with a black top)
                            The Birthday Cake!!! I know! it really looks yummy!!
The friends! Mr. Jason wearing the red~ish long sleeve, Joey wearing blue polo, and My husband who’s Jason as well wearing the white polo shirt. They all look good together with Sarah. =)
                                                                                                                                                         The charlie’s angels!! busy distributing the cakes!! yum yum!!
                                                                                                                                 Group Shot!!
Everyone enjoyed Sarah’s celebration!! Thanks Sarah for the yummy foods!!! Will post the video I took last Sunday as well. We’re all singing happy birthday for her!! So sweet!! God bless! thanks guys!! xoxo =)