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Last December 2011 My family had a very nice holiday trip in Phuket Thailand as you guys knows if you’ve been reading and following my blog. The reason we had this trip was to attend the nice and lovely wedding of our very good friend Peter and Zom. So as the title goes My blog post today is all about my not so random outfits I wore last time in Phuket. I actually planned the whole outfit already but since there may be circumstances that you really need to change all the plan. It’s like the plan A failed, So there has to be a plan B. The other main reason as well why I had to plan my day to day outfit in Phuket was I only had that small luggage I had that I needed to share with my Daughter Ashlee. So that’s really the problem I guess. I can’t pack light when we travel haha!

This was my Singapore Departure- Phuket Arrival. Shoes from New look Singapore. Pants with belt from random store at BB Plaza in KL Malaysia. White top from Bugis (Singapore), And my hat that I’ve been carrying everywhere is from Bali Indonesia. My one and only Sunglasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Sorry for the messy hair though, If you have hair like mine you wouldn’t really mind to stop by in a rest room just to brush or comb it. It’s just way too long to do that. You need to put a lot of effort and work to have hair like this.

This was my outfit in my first time stepping in Pakarang beach, Memories Bar. Just wearing thongs/slippers, An Aussie dress w/c I bought in Bali Indonesia as well and been trying hard to find another one because I’ve been using this dress big time. This dress will need to rest soon. I hate that feeling when I really like a thing and of course I’ve been using it when ever I have to and ended up blaming myself for using it too much that’s why it must go to rest haha. =D

My gorgeous dress I bought the day before the Wedding Ceremony! The dress issue was a big talked with all the girl who’s with us I guess. Since we really don’t know what kind of wedding ceremony it was. So all the husbands and wives and everyone’s been talking what to wear to the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Since my clothes were all planned already, This conversation with them gave me a big time hassle and keep on worrying and thinking that the clothes I prepared for the event was too formal. So then, The day before, My husband and I had a bit of a walk at Khao lak Centre where you can buy a lot of touristy things. At the end of the day we ended up buying this gorgeous dress which is not too formal or anything just right for the occasion.

I wore this gorgeous flowy dress at the wedding reception dinner that happened the same day of the wedding ceremony! My husband thought that this dress were like a beach dress or something because we’ve been seeing this dress around Khao lak Centre as well and it’s got this funny long tail like design that goes at the back of the dress. Bought this dress in Little India here in Singapore. Don’t you just love how nice and exciting all the colours combined in this dress? I totally love it!

Simple long beach dress I wore for our lazy day in the beach! It’s a see-thru one so you can almost see my pink T-back or G-strings. I need to feel like a bit sexy since I can’t wear bikinis! haha

Another simple beach dress I wore when we went to have a whole day sight-seeing at Phang-ngaBay, James Bond Island. I can just the water with my nice and vibrant colour dress. I bought this dress in Bali Indonesia as well.

Wearing a black leggings and an animal print haltered top when we went to the famous  Fantasea Musical Theatre. I enjoyed that day! The Fantasea is a must to see when you visit Phuket.

I wore this dress in our last day in Phuket going around different towns and beaches. I bought this dress in KL Malaysia. I supposed to wear this for either the wedding ceremony or reception but since girls were not allowed to wear anything with black then I gave it a miss. haha! I wanted to posts my other outfits I wore in this trip but I’m failed to take a descent shot. I totally enjoyed The whole trip in Phuket it was a blast! Having a nice company to go with everywhere is a must thing to enjoy a vacation or holiday. God bless xx
After all the happenings in Phuket Thailand, It’s time for all of us to part ways and go back home. It’s kinda sad thinking that we’ll surely miss the bonding and great company we all had in this trip. It’s amazing as well how we just blended as a family doing our everyday activities altogether.

We spent our last night in Bangla Street of course. We all went first in Tiger Bar just to experience hows the things happen there. I like it and love all the lightnings all around the club. I love how they made it as an open bar so you can still see what’s happening outside though, you’re enjoying the drinks and girls at the same time haha! Photos above in side the Tiger Bar. Tom’s got an instant girlfriend! Lucky! The girl looks so pretty and she’s been serving Us all the drinks the whole time we stayed in there. She’s cute actually very sexy as well!

Above photos was Spring trying to bargain or negotiate a price for the manicure set haha! His really good at it! He bought a lot of shirts as well in a very cheap price!

So time passed by We moved to Aussie bar since the Tiger Bar was not so family friendly or not a nice scenery inside if you have kids like me haha! The time goes by a lot of people getting so drunk and abusing their holiday haha! Like the photo above was the two guy really drunk in front of the Aussie Bar where we actually sitting. The drunk guy with the black shirt vomited a lot in front of us! Yeah! it was so yucky! Another guy trying to undressed in the middle of Bangla street. Lucky they have good friends together with them.
Photos above were the lovely ladies making those kinda glow in the dark bracelets. Like the wolf packs bracelet that Jason’s and the rest bought. Its handmade! I guess it will take like 20 minutes to finish a bracelet.

Since our place in Aussie Bar was so smelly because of that guy vomited in front where we actually sitting we tried to go to another place called Soi Eric or Soi Erio. That place was cute. They had those poles where a girl or everyone can dance and the crew specially Caitlin and Jack enjoyed playing that wooden game and get drunk with the tequila! I like the place also because they have this special lights that can make your things or clothes glow in the dark haha!

Before we head back to our hotel, My husband bought me this lovely roses. I’m just sad because I can’t bring them back in Singapore haha their super fresh still that time. Oh! Well, A lot of roses maybe will still come in my way haha. And some photo of Tropical Bungalow where we stayed that time. The hallway or their entrance when you reach outside Your right in front of the beach then. So everyone had their best holiday I guess! I missed all the crew and all the good bonding we all had that time! Thanks to Debbie for organising all the activities and sightseeing we had in this trip. And of course we can never experience this kind of holiday if Peter and Zom didn’t have their wedding! haha! So thanks to the newly weds Peter and Zom! Thanks to everyone as well! Till the next holiday! God bless everyone xx
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Our last day in Phuket Thailand with the Hughes Family, Jack and Caitlin. Debbie made this really good decision to hired a van or mini bus for all of us to check out the whole town! That day was amazing! I love seeing those places We have been to. Of course it was fun with all the nice people with us that day.

This is a photo of Ashlee and I right in front of the beach where We stayed in Phuket Thailand. I love seeing those tourists feeling so at home and relaxing, sun bathing and getting some tans!

Ice creams any one? Photos of the crew eating ice creams in our first destination and playing with Ashlee as well in the playground. I don’t know where we exactly went in this trips but this first place we’ve been to were overlooking the Phuket town. I think the place was called Khao Rang hill. A great view of Phuket town, The southern part of the island, and some of the offshore islands, can be obtained by going to the top of Khao Rang Hill, on the towns Northeast border. Photos above.

Next stop was the Chinatown. It is on the North Western side of the city around Thanon Thalang. Well, I guess every where in the world you’d be there is a place called Chinatown. I’m not that excited though, because the entire place is  the same as every Chinatown you’ve been to. Specially My family always walks around Chinatown here in Singapore. The whole crew had some small shopping around the place and I bought one hat as well and I really loved it. Tried to bargain but I’m really not good at it. haha! My husband and Spring (Debbie’s husband) walked together and when they came back Spring got this really nice fireworks he bought so cheap. Photos above.

After the small shopping at Chinatown. We all felt so hungry so the driver took Us in this very lovely place that we had our lunch just beside the beach. Ashlee enjoyed playing sand with her Aunt Caitlin. Photos above of all our seafood lunch! I can’t say it’s very delicious or what so ever. But it’s not that bad though, still love my mango salad. Their seafood’s felt not so safe for all of us. But the ambiance of the whole place was fantastic for all of us I guess. Think of eating all day just beside the beach, It’s like just 5 steps away from the water haha! At least before we leave Phuketwe had some seafood’s though.

After lunch. We went to this another over-looking place again. It was another amazing place We’ve been to. I love the whole place, The water was so peaceful and quiet. On our way home as well, The driver was too kind to just gave us sometime to take some beautiful and nice photos of the beaches around. Those photos with lots of blue umbrella’s were just perfect! They’re so tiny from where we all standing at, just beside the street but we know and see how gorgeous those beaches are!

Before we leave Phuket of course, We had to take some photos at least a couple of our bungalow where we stayed at. The place is called The Tropical Bungalow. It is a very nice place very good for all of the tourists who wants to stay just right in front of the beach, So you don’t have to walk that far just to get some tan. Just open the door of your bungalow or have something to eat in their restaurant and your right in front of the beach! And the Famous Bangla street where everything happens is just beside the corner also! I’m sure my husband knows about everything in Phuket haha! God Bless xx!
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Welcome to Phuket Thailand Fantasea! I must say that this one was really amazing! I’m so happy and grateful to experience such a nice Ultimate cultural theme park! As in it was amazing! A must see in Phuket of each and every family! Our daughter Ashlee really had a nice time watching those elephants! Thanks to Mrs. Debbie Hughes for Organising the whole trip that time! Really did a great job!

First stop was the Tiger Jungle Adventure. In our way inside we saw different animals and it was like magical how they did the whole place! We went to this all white and suddenly colourful room with different birds inside and the cute angel girl yeah, I think she’s an angel haha! A big dinosaur head scared me a lot that time since it was dark in the next room! After the dinosaur we all saw this really gorgeous white tiger lying on the floor of course with a glass so they won’t eat us and catch alive in case they’re hungry haha!

Next stop was the Palace of the Elephants Theatre. I think everyone for sure must’ve been so amazed seeing this huge Theatre that really looks like super ancient that you won’t even think how gorgeous it is inside. The whole place was breathtaking for me. I’m always wanted to see things like this and I love how this places like this makes me feel so good and amazed at the same time. When you come inside the Theatre, Everyone will be in a queue. Cellphones and cameras are not allowed inside you have to surrender them and they will give you the key or number I think for the locker where they put your things and you can get them after the show. The whole show was amazing fantastic and breathtaking! The music, songs, props, choreography, acting, sound effects, and of course the elephants who saved the day acted really good and so far the best elephant show I’ve ever seen!

Elephants above were all cute! Aren’t they? Sadly that We never tried riding them Because I was A bit scared or maybe I am much more excited to see the much awaited Show! It’s nice looking at them striking a pose to every one who wants to have a photo with them! And that’s for free! Will post a video of them walking around the place on my Youtube account!

After the amazing show of course ever one was for sure feeling hungry as we all did that night. Lucky we paid the show together with a buffet! So if you guys wants to watch the show as well be sure to have the buffet as well. The foods were all so delicious! The whole Restaurant just in front of the theatre was a blast and amazing as well! The whole interiors was so fascinating! I love the ambiance And of course I love how organise they are putting up everything from preparing the food and cooking them! If you buy the Fantasea tickets you’ll get a seat number for the theatre and a number as well for the dining table where you will be sitting. Plus, A mini bus or van will pick you up and bring you back in your hotels as well. Such a hustle free right? The whole night was amazing, I’ve been saying amazing for this whole blog I think, Because indeed at the end of the night We all have this very nice smile in our face. God Bless xx!
Visit their website: http://www.phuket-fantasea.com  or http://www.phuket-fantasea.com/index2.php
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After the New Year Celebration! Everyone welcomed 2012! The next day My family together with Hughes Family and Caitlin and Jack, We all headed to Phuket/Patong. Everyone was so excited that day because maybe were all first timers to visit the place. Well, my husband have been their many times I think haha! The place was much more busier than Khaolak where We all had our first week in Thailand. It’s party everywhere,everyone’s walking back and forth. Shops everywhere and of course the beach was mad! It’s so full that I’m actually feeling like its not holiday anymore because it was packed and so busy.

Since the whole crew were all Aussie! We spent almost every night bonding together in Aussie Bar. Which was very near to our Bungalow since were just staying just around the corner of theBangla Street where it is located.

The foods were really nice and delicious. We all enjoyed having everyone in there, Eating at the same time. The food we’re eating every night was The platters above photo, Garlic bread, Nachos, Sausages and of course the all time favourite Steak sandwich for everyone! Especially It’s my husband favourite.
Here’s my Baby Ashlee been eating a lot of ice cream while we were in our holiday haha!
The Hughes family with Caitlin and Jack. Thanks to my husband for being so nice taking all our photos the whole vacation.

The Aussie Bar has 2nd floors as well. They have all the televisions everywhere and Billiard tables both floors. We all think that this is the most family oriented Bar around Bangla Street since they don’t have those lady boys around or girls who dance with their g-strings or bras.

The famous Tiger Bar! You’ll know it if your inside the Tiger Bar, Tiger statues everywhere and all the really nice lightnings covering the whole Club.
Of course when it’s dark/night already the whole place was more busier than you can see it in the day. A lot of people trying to make their business. Like this guy above the photo. A lot of animals as well around. You pay them 100baht for each photo.

The most memorable for all of us I guess was this lady boys going gaga outside the street! Everyone was looking so excited to have a photo with them. You can feel and squeeze their boobs too! You may pay 100baht as well for each photo. All the boys were in heaven haha!

A lot of bars/clubs with the lady boys or girls as well doing a simple dance on top of the tables or doing pole dancing as well. It’s cool that you can just watch them for free or you won’t need to buy beers from them since most of them were open bars and you can see everything just from walking around the street.

The boys bought this cool bracelets that were just handmade. Their kinda glow in the dark too for a 100baht! The wolf packs boys looking so proud with their bracelets haha. It’s cute though, =D
Caitlin bought Ashlee the Butterfly bracelet as well. The colour look so cute and it really suits Ashlee’s clothes as well. I really love how they glow with those clubs/bars special lights. Everyone had a great time again! Though, it was very tiring for all of us. It’s all worth the tiredness drinking and eating all night. God Bless! xx
Finally! Will be blogging about New Year 2011. I know It’s super late but I gotta be more organised in blogging about what happened to me last holidays, So forgive guys. It’s all our first time I guess Celebrating New Year in Phuket together with the whole friends! So It’s kinda exciting for me and I think for everyone as well experiencing a whole new different celebration that time.

We had the eat all you can foods in Memories Bar. So I’ve been trying my best to eat hips of them. All the foods were so delicious! Good job for the cooks and to everyone who gave so much effort cooking and serving each and everyone! I can tell it’s very yummy because everyone keeps on coming back with their empty plates and such a long queue that night as far as I can remember. Photo above Ashlee, Zom and I.

But the best And most delicious food I’ve been eating the whole night was the egg crepe pancake. I’m not sure if they really call it like that since they have a lot of variety and different ingredients, Depends what flavour or fruit you like. But if you’ve been to Thailand before I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I tried my best to eat a lot as I can since it’s eat all you can! Zom and I in the above photo.
Enjoyed the night dancing, drinking, and chit-chatting. Enjoying each other’s company. Photo above was the whole crew watching the fireworks. We had to set some fireworks earlier to celebrate the Australian New Year’s time. And of course They greeted me as well for the Philippines New year’s time. So then every one’s happy! Just waiting for Thailand’s New Year!
A very cute photo of Us that night with Zom’s brother and sister’s, The two Cathy’s and Me of course!
Hurray for the Thailand crew that night! Together with the bride and groom. Zom & Peter (sitting in the middle). Every one’s enjoying their beers!
This photo was the usual position every time We all come to Memories Bar! haha At least you guys can picture now! We always sit around in one wooden table and start our fun conversations.
The not so all of the beers they had that night haha. Those plastic cups were used for the cocktails. So everybody can just leave it somewhere and just enjoy watching the monkey show or snake show that night.

So yeah! The above photos were a boxing ring! They had this Muay Thai with this two kids actually doing it. Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport. Muay Thai is a sport combat from Thailand that uses stand up striking along with various clinching techniques. Muay Thai is referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” or as the “Science of Eight Limbs”. (credits/source: MuayThai-wikipedia).

Lovely isn’t it? They call this Sky Lanterns. Sky Lanterns also known as Kong Ming lantern are airborne paper lantern. That are best known as a tradition found in some Asian cultures. Sky Lanterns are also referred to as sky candles or fire balloons.(credits/source: Sky Lantern-wikipedia).
So after the long night waiting for New Year, The clock strikes 12midnight! And everyone were really amazed watching those beautiful Sky Lanterns and lovely fireworks! I’m so happy that I got some nice photos and nice videos as well! Watch my Thailand escapades on youtube account guys! Search tauyanm1. The night went so fast with all the happenings and of course with the nice company we all had with each other. I can say that it’s a memorable New year and so worth it holiday for me and my husband. The most important of all everyone had a great time and enjoyed the whole night! God Bless everyone! xx
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After the amazing wedding event! The next day, Everyone had their “relaxing day”. We all went to the Memories Bar/Surf shop and just relaxed, enjoyed the beach and enjoyed the whole family bonding. Since I started blogging about this Phuket Thailand holiday, You guys must have noticed that I’ve been saying a lot of things about Memories Bar.

So this is how it looks like in Memories Bar in the day. Every one’s getting their tans, relaxing and just enjoying their holidays as well. Don’t you guys love the colourful umbrella’s?

Memories Bar offers a lot of fun things, So if you guys visit them, It’s totally worth it and your gonna be so relax and at the end of the day you can say to your self “This is what holiday and relaxing is”. Definitely love their foods as well! All the people works in that Bar were totally adorable, nice and friendly! They will always serve you with a big nice smile. And most importantly it’s a very nice place for the families out there, for kids and mom&dad. Definitely a friendly place!
From the time We arrived in Memories Bar, My husband and I checked out the massage part place in the beach. I totally wanted to have a massage every time we’re in a holiday. Who don’t want a massage on a holiday? Right?
Since It’s very shiny, the sun was all out the beach that day, And I’m a kind of a “shy girl” if you guys what i mean. I’m not really into “beach thing”. I don’t like wearing bikinis or anything too bare for me or I must say I have this personal thing I have that I’m really frustrated of. Even though I’m really dying for a full body massage that day, I just can’t. So then I decided to just have a foot massage =( . I’m happy how the girl worked on each of my foot. It totally relaxed me even for at least an hour, It’s really amazing. I almost fall asleep.
So after the nice, relaxing massage, here I am jumping all around the beach! So in love with thisjump shothaha plus the hat jumping at the same time with me. **wink**
I had a lot of photos from the beach and I’m in love with all of them. My husband is just the perfect personal photographer for me haha. He knows what I want. His my best friend.

I’ve never been happier seeing our baby Ashlee enjoying the beach as well. I thought that She’s gonna be afraid of the waves in the beach because We really never been in a beach and just stayed in there. Every time we go on a holiday, We’re all after the sightseeing and shopping etc. but not staying in the beach. I should say thank you to Barbie Queen of the waves! Ashlee loves watching her surfing, So maybe Ashlee’s trying to copy Barbie enjoying the beach as well. I’m totally happy!

My beach moment with Ashlee playing and chasing the waves. She totally loves it. She’s so energetic and she’s like everywhere and doesn’t care about anything else! haha A kid thing happening in this beach scenario.
I know you guys love this sunset! My husband took this one and I think it’s awesome! We had another sunset photo as well in Bali Indonesia before but not as gorgeous and not as dark coloured as this one! I didn’t do any editing for this one. I think it’s already awesome! No need to edit or anything.
Of course! definitely must have a sunset couple shot! So all of us had a couple shot, And I’m really happy seeing all the couples with us looking so in love, and kissing each other. Love that moment.

If there’s a couple shot, There’s a friend shots as well! Here’s a photo of Bronte, Viv, and Me with the sunset. I know you guys can’t see the sunset but there was a sunset, believe me! haha I call this, “A not so sunset friendly shot” =D We all look so cute.
Just want you to know guys that I love this photo as well. High-lighting the Memories Bar/Surf Shop’s Surf board, With the Aussie crew as the background or blurry part of this photo. My husband did a great job with all the photos that day!

So here’s what it looks like every time were in Memories Bar. We always got these wooden tables around and enjoying each other’s company drinking and chit-chatting. Laughing all day & all night long.
A family photo that day! Thanks to David again for taking this photo! haha Almost all our family photo in these trip was taken by him. Such a nice guy! So it turned out that everyone enjoyed the day. We’re all so happy about the family bonding. We’re all satisfied and enjoyed each and every one’s company. Such a nice day for everyone to catch up since most of them never seen each other for a long time. What an amazing time We had!
After the morning wedding ceremony the whole crew attended the wedding reception at night for dinner. So what happened was it’s a whole day wedding celebration for all of us! haha! I wonder how tired and busy the groom and the bride was that day. It was an amazing day! Good job to everyone who took part of the whole wedding celebration. Everything went so smoothly and the wedding was a great success!

So here’s our photo, My husband, Ashlee and me of course! Thanks David for the shot! You don’t know how I love this photo! haha Ashlee looks so very cute! Both of us were both colourful that night.

So this was just a not so half of the wedding reception photo. I mean they invited 800 to 900 people or guests just for this wedding reception/dinner. It was insane! I never attended a wedding reception like this one! So I assumed that it was not just me who’s wondering how they organised people’s foods and everything that night. For me, I can call the place like an open gymnasium, With big electric fans around and beautiful chandeliers. Well, Everyone had fun! It was an amazing event for all of us!
Of course gotta have a photo with the beautiful bride right? So here’s the princess bride Wannisa(we call her Zom) beside me. The wedding gown She was wearing here was a bit heavy so she had to deal with it the whole night! And walked all around the place with this. She was really tired that night and never had a dinner. She rocked the night though, She was a princess! Still smiling and greeted each and every one of us!
The groom and the bride with my husband and me of course! Such a nice photo right?! Love this!
A photo together with Ernest, And another couple Cathy and Mike!
Another photo with the whole family of the groom’s side. L-R Bruce, Cathy, Peter (the groom)Wannisa (the bride) David, Bronte and the Barbie doll Caitlin! They all look great!
Both the groom and the bride pouring the champagne! yeah! I love the cupcakes as well! So yumyum!
And the special seats for the Aussie crew! yeah! Love this set-up table! Great job guys!
Did I said that their cupcakes was so yummy? Well, Yeah! It was such a nice and yummy cupcakes! Here’s a photo of Debbie and Me smiling with our cupcakes! I had like 4 pieces! =D
Meet Brian guys! His the Dude! His the one entertaining all of us the whole morning wedding ceremony! He got all the personality and everything haha! His such a funny guy and a lot of sense of humour! Peace dude!
Of course how can I forget the singer of the night! Cameron Kohring the husband of lovely VivKohring! They’re both so adorable and such a very nice company! Anyway’s Every one’s so busy chit-chatting that night when suddenly some one’s singing up on the stage! I’m loving angels instead….. And there it goes! He was so good in making everyone alive that day, though everyone was so tired already! He was the lady boy in my previous posts! If you guys read it.haha Well, The wedding celebration was a blast and We will never forget it! I miss all of them seriously. We all had fun and I can say that is was the best holiday ever! Thanks to everyone and cheers for the groom and the bride!


December 27, 2011. We flew over to Phuket! All of us were very excited that time! My husband’s been there before but t’was so long already since he came back again. My baby Ashlee loves watching Barbie Princess of the waves in her computer so she’s been so excited as well to try surfing or playing in the beach just like Barbie. I’ve been to Thailand many times but that’s in Bangkok only. So as my husband and baby Ashlee both very excited I was too of course!

This was our photo in Changi Airport Singapore. I’m wearing my hat I bought in Bali Indonesia for our Bali Honeymoon. My baby Ashlee in pink! So cute!

We stayed in Tony Lodge Khaolak, As everyone else who’s going to attend the wedding were staying there at the same time! We had a blast believe me! Didn’t have a photos of the Lodge’s swimming pool or other facilities Coz I didn’t have enough time everyone’s busy and tired.

So after We settled our things inside our hotel room’s, We rushed going out to have some lunch and We ended up to this restaurant just across the street and It’s really nice eating there with an open space and so breezy!

Picture! Picture! Don’t you love the beachy set up of this restaurant? I love the ambience there.

I had sweet and sour pork with rice of course!

David ordered this chicken fried dish with salad on the side. That’s all the photos I’ve got from that restaurant! haha But We had some Fish with ginger and mixed vegetable which We call chopsuey in the Philippines, and of course my husband ordered the Massaman Curry which ranked as number one (1) in an article titled World’s 50 most delicious foods! Well, It is really yummy! Everyone in the Aussie crew loves it! For me it taste like Filipino’s chicken curry haha! No offence! That’s only my opinion. Maybe there’s something with the nuts as an ingredients of it!

My husband and I had this yummy mixed fruit juice! It’s so yummy! And thirst quencher! 

For the dessert, Everyone had a yummy ice cream! We actually chose three flavour for our ice-cream!

After that yummy lunch, We all had a bit of a catnap and had some island shopping. Had to buy another dress for the wedding since the red one We bought was too formal for the wedding hehe 

One of the streets around Khaolak Centre. I love the ambience walking around there coz it’s more of a nature while you go shopping!

We usually had to ride the taxi going to everywhere. Above picture is what they call taxi. Like a super mini jeepney haha Nice riding in there taxi though so breezy for a very hot weather! We paid 400baht going to the surf shop and 100baht going to Khaolak Centre.

Ashlee and me playing in the beach! She loves the beach so much! She don’t even want to go back home haha. We had to go in the beach like 4pm Thailand’s time every time, Because I’m so scared to be so dark and so was Ashlee! The sun is almost down that time, So everyone who would like to take picture of the sunset was there! 

This is Memories Bar! We spent most of our time and dinner and bonding here. Everyone’s so friendly and very accommodating. You can do anything you want! Overflowing drinks and foods! And takenote, They cook very yummy food too! They have free sun beds, umbrella’s A wooden swing, And a small nipa huts for eating. You can have your very relaxing massage by the beach there too! Whatta life there!

This was the whole crew! The Aussie’s with the very friendly Thai’s! Everyone had a blast!

So the Memories Bar is a part of our relaxing holiday. It feels just like home. No need to worry about anything. They’ve got everything for you! And of course everyone’s a friend with a delicious foods as well! All in one package! More blog about Phuket coming! God Bless xx

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